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THE FUTURE HAS LANDED New look. More capabilities.

Since 2006, WE started operating Technologies brand. 
We can now provide you with additional IT services, while 
retaining all the experience and specialisations we’ve 
acquired through the years

The threats are out there, and they will try to attack you. But by identifying risks, using next generation threat protection and applying industry best practices, your business will be ready to respond, no matter the danger.

In today’s complex environment, businesses need to ensure they have 360-degree protection, safeguarding their assets while maintaining flexibility and lowering total-cost-of-ownership. IT Administrators need systems to provide the technological backing for their security policies to allow them to preemptively protect, stop threats and manage issues in the event of a breach.

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582901 – Other software publishing

620104 – Computer programming m.n.s.

631101 – Other database services

469001 – Mixed products wholesale m.n.s

631201 – World Wide Web Portal Service

731101 – Advertising design, -production, -placement

581903 – Other on-line-publishing activities

821901 – Other office services m.n.s.


We do not have a customer office, our services are online.

Security Services What You Don’t Know Will Kill You

We Prevent Major Disruptions

Monitoring your IT infrastructure allows us to proactively fix issues before they reach and become a problem for your end users.

Non-responding network components? Our monitoring tools allow us to troubleshoot the root cause of the issue and get to the bottom of the problem quicker without wasting your valuable time.

We Protect Your Network From The Inside Out.

If your infrastructure is your town, your firewalls are your city walls. Our security software is designed from the ground up to protect your security perimeter and give you more visibility over what is going on in your domain, ensuring you keep your critical data safe.

See all your network traffic, manage your user’s applications, deal with intrusion threats and block external websites that are a threat to your internal policies to safeguard your critical data.

Better Solutions

Going forward, we can offer additional services to our customers. Should you need anything from optimising your operations to simplifying your requirements, we’re here to help.

More Certifications

Joining INFS Technologies meant new synergies which our customers could make use of. We brought our certifications and expertise to the table and added them to INFS’s existing partnerships.

New Investments

We’re in the business of preparing our customers for the future, and we definitely practice what we preach. We’re continuously investing in new infrastructure and technologies for our clients.