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Secure Payment Processing via Hosted Pay Page
The Chase Paymentech Payment Gateway extension is an advanced payment integration for WooCommerce that provides powerful options for accepting payments via Chase. Let your customers securely save their credit card information to their WooCommerce account for fast and easy checkout. Includes full support for WooCommerce Subscriptions and Pre-Orders.

Seamless & Secure Checkout
Using the Chase Paymentech extension allows you to decide what your checkout process will look like, while keeping the customer on your site for the entire process. Customize the pay page to optimize conversions for your business. Using a hosted payment page provides a seamless checkout process for the user and flexbility for the business owner.

Support for Automatic Refunds & Voids
Shop employees can now process refunds for an order paid for with Chase Paymentech directly from within WooCommerce — no more logging into your merchant account to process refunds! Speed up your store management by creating full or partial refunds from the “Edit Order” screen and sending the transaction automatically to Chase Paymentech by clicking “Refund via Chase Paymentech”.

Capture Charges directly from WooCommerce
Some users choose to set the payment gateway to only authorize charges rather than authorize & capture them. However, this requires the user to then log into the payment gateway admin to capture charges. This extension allow you to optionally capture previously authorized transactions directly from the WooCommerce Edit Order screen rather than logging into your gateway control panel to do so. Simply edit the order, select the “Capture Charge” action, and charges will be captured through Chase.

Securely Save Customer Credit Cards
Customers can easily & securely save multiple credit cards to their account for faster checkout. Payment data is stored on Chase’s secure servers, so your PCI compliance requirements are significantly reduced. There’s no limit to the amount of credit cards a customer can store on their account. Customers can also select a default card and remove saved credit cards from the “My Account” page.

How to Get Started
Buy this extension ?
Download and install into your WooCommerce store
Log in to your Chase Virtual Terminal account if you don’t have an account yet) and grab your test Merchant and Terminal IDs
Enter your store information for the Hosted Pay Page in your Chase account
Complete the certification test cases to get your production credentials.
Save your credentials in settings under WooCommerce > Settings > Payment Gateways
That’s it! Sit back and enjoy secure payment processing using Chase!

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